Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Change of Focus

After consideration of several factors and looking at the true value of my several past-times, I decided to place my focus on the local, Emergency Communications portion of the hobby.  Time does not permit one to be full fledged into every aspect of the hobby.  I look back on the times when I have had the most fun, excitement, and respect for this grand hobby and it is during the times when WE are needed that stand as moments of true value.
I dumped my HF gear and put the money into a TD-D710AG, refreshed the Peet Bros. 2100.  It had been out of commission since 2011 when a strangely mean neighbor sawed down my mast on a Thursday morning and gave it to the curbside for trash pickup that day.  We had moved, I had not disassembled the mast and had returned to do finish the move on that Friday.  Gone!

So today, 9/2/2017, KI4FH has sent its first packet of weather data.  I am not able to replace the anemometer yet but upon selling off some more hf stuff, I will.  For now it is the basics.
It is good to be back.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Five Watts On The Beach

Tripping on cables, charging the Gel Cells, cutting the radials,  pining for proper propagation's  Field Day 2017.  Been preparing all week.  I think my wife and daughter are more than happy to have me out of the house at this point.  "So honey, if you setup at 1:00 you can play with your radio the whole 27 hours?  That sounds good, you deserve to get away"
Gone will be the RG213 and RG 58 strewn about.  Relieved they will be of the "Honey can you hold the end of the wire?"  "Keep it tight"  I have been promising all week that the mess in the house will be taken care of tonight.  I have been saying that all week, each afternoon.
So now I am putting it together.  I will be solo this FD.  On Siesta Key Beach!  The Number 1 Beach in America according to Trip Advisor.
I have scoped out a spot.  The county folks were friendly but stopped just short of giving me a permit to operate the full 27 hours.
So if you want a QSO from a QRP operator at the Number 1 Beach in America, look for KI4FH - KI4 Florida Hotel on 20 and 15 at day and 40 at night.  I will be on the QRP voice and QRP CW sections.

73 - Whooppeee!