Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Change of Focus

After consideration of several factors and looking at the true value of my several past-times, I decided to place my focus on the local, Emergency Communications portion of the hobby.  Time does not permit one to be full fledged into every aspect of the hobby.  I look back on the times when I have had the most fun, excitement, and respect for this grand hobby and it is during the times when WE are needed that stand as moments of true value.
I dumped my HF gear and put the money into a TD-D710AG, refreshed the Peet Bros. 2100.  It had been out of commission since 2011 when a strangely mean neighbor sawed down my mast on a Thursday morning and gave it to the curbside for trash pickup that day.  We had moved, I had not disassembled the mast and had returned to do finish the move on that Friday.  Gone!

So today, 9/2/2017, KI4FH has sent its first packet of weather data.  I am not able to replace the anemometer yet but upon selling off some more hf stuff, I will.  For now it is the basics.
It is good to be back.